About Me

I've been a child, a foster child, I've been a teen and an adult.
I've been in school, out of school, unemployed and employed.
I've been a girlfriend, a fiancee, married and divorced.
I've been in love, out of love confused about love and found true love.
I've been unhealthy, healthy and unhealthy again.
I've been been a carpenter, chauffeur, teacher and a boo boo fixer all in one day, because of all the things I've been, a proud mother is what I continue to BE.

I am Kelly Marshall....Super Woman, and as long as I believe it, so will my kids.  A daughter who is 14 and a son who is 12 probably don't think the sun sets and rises on their mom anymore but they think I'm pretty cool all the same.  At least I like to think they do and since this is my blog I'm going to leave it at that.

There will be posts about day to day, Doctor's appointment info and random babbling about random stuff.  But rest assured every day is a brain tumor day for me so you will find something about that on here.

So welcome to my blog, it's meant to help me and hopefully others get by with a bit of humor even if you don't have a brain tumor like me.  And if you do I hope this helps even just a little, feel free to reach out and connect.

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