Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Out With The Old, In With The...umm well...Old Again

My two year anniversary of having a team of Docs rummage around in my head is right around the corner.  There are days I think, wow has it really been that long and then days when I think, I've only come THIS far in two years.  ugh.  As I've said before the switch up of meds has been a good thing for me but I've lost lots and lots of hair. (minor I know but still a freak out in the shower).  I grew my hair out after brain surgery, hiding the scar and the hole in my head, my way of feeling somewhat normal.  Well my friends, yesterday after looking at my "see through" hair one last time, I said screw it and cut it all off.  What better way to hide your very thin patches of hair is with a very messy funky hair style.
I've always had short hair in my adult life, you see I have this tiny little pea head that doesn't do long hair very well.  My days of hiding behind long locks are over, free the messy me.   I don't care if you see my scar that runs down my neck, heck I don't even care if you see the large indent in my head.  What better way to bring in 2015,  everything that's old is new again.  Welcome back short hair, ohh how I missed you.