Wednesday, November 19, 2014

All 'Bout The Stable

I checked out!!  I'm a bad blog writer, very bad, but I had to.  I wasn't depressed or angry,  just tired of having a brain tumour.  Which is kind of funny since it's all mine and I get to keep it.  Some days I just want to take my drugs and play pretend.  I'm going to give myself that.

Lots has happened since I last posted but nothing earth shattering.  I saw a new neurologist which will not be replacing my current one.  However, he did ask a valid point, "who's your neurosurgeon"  to which I replied, I don't have one, she moved the the USA.  I guess for the last two years, even though I'm not a candidate for surgery anymore, (due to crappy/dangerous tumour location) I'm supposed to have one in my back pocket.  You know for if and when it does decide to grow.  Huh!!  I guess that's in the works and since I didn't have a neurologist for a year and a half I'm not surprised the ball was dropped on this one too.

Saw my radiation oncologist (another back pocket Doc for the if and when) he gave me my MRI results and I'm happy to report that my brain intruder hasn't grown and is just hanging out.   Good news, and radiation is still there when we need it.  For right now we will all just breathe.  In May I get to hop in the MRI tube again and wait the agonizing days for the results, living life 6 months at a time is for sure giving me grey hair, least of my worries I know.

So today is my day to rest with the reassurance that my brain tumour is quiet, this really only last about a month and then I get all freaked out again.  Little wonder eh?

There are days I find the humour in my life.  There are days when I am constantly calculating time and days that are just numb.  Today, is a humour day.  I created this picture that makes me laugh every time I look at it.