Saturday, January 11, 2014

365 Days of Recovery

It's here, the one year anniversary of Brain Surgery.  This time last year I was in the OR, having my brain tumour "debulked" .  I created a video in honor of my 1 year anniversary and while I'm pretty confidant that it will not win an Oscar, it will remain unpublished for some "tweaking" Not to be confused with "twerking" there will be NO twerking in that video. So, here in no particular order is what I've learned in the past 365 days?

That brain surgery as necessary as it is, Sucks!!
That a brain tumour is simply a mass of cells who get together and plan an "out of control teenage party" in your head.  As much as you think you can clean up the broken pieces, you just can't replace some of the valuables.
That the first few weeks of recovery were nothing like I had expected.
That the next few months of recovery were nothing like I had expected.
That the word " Time" became as much a part of me as my brain tumour itself.
That being Canadian is something to not only be proud of, but to be grateful for.
That LOVE is "in sickness and in health"
That you learn very quickly who the important people are in your life.
That the above statements truth was a powerful enlightenment.
That you can have a headache everyday.
That I will not let my brain tumour define me.
That my brain tumour has now become a big part of who I am and that's OK.
That people have an expectation of when you "should" be better.
That my brain thinks differently now and I find that fascinating and frustrating.
That being home with my kids for the past year is a silver lining in all of this.
That I thank God for each day.
That expressing my thoughts into words is like putting a jig saw puzzle together every day.
That life as I knew it does not exist anymore.
That I'm grateful for all my specialists.
That my life is great, even with teenagers partying in my head.
That perspective is way bigger then what we perceive.
That I took my perfect vision for granted, learning to live with double vision is interesting to say the least.
That Doctors are busy, the health care system is tasked and at the end of the day it's a business like any other business.
That MRI's are hateful and I still don't sleep the night before.
That Canada is NOW working towards counting every Brain Tumour, but it will take time.
That benign brain tumours although depending on location can be just as life threatening as malignant ones.
That my children remain fairly silent and I fear they are angry at me for getting sick.
That this is to big for me to even understand so how could I ever expect my kids too.
That life is too short not to eat Gluten every now and then, even when I suffer the next day.
That blogging makes me feel good, brings out raw emotions and allows me to express this journey.
That I never expected side effects from surgery, even though it was brain surgery.
That I am grateful I am alive, walking and taking however, I'm sick of my other symptoms being down played simply because I'm alive.
That I've learned more about myself in 365 days then in 40 years.
That having a hole in your head is just plain weird.
That I miss my job, my co-workers and the smell of 70% isopropyl alcohol and transpore/mircopore tape.
That science hasn't even come close medically to understanding the brain.
That in a perfect world Neurosurgeons would have brain surgery so they could truly understand that we are not all "text book" cases.  Perhaps there will be an "app" for that someday.
That I'm not afraid some days.
That I am afraid the other days.
That I continue to raise my kids in a a silly, loving, off the cuff manner, hoping they will learn that strength can come from your weakest moments.
That watching your kids minds process the fact that mom couldn't get the fork to her mouth, was just as confusing for us all.
That I have come a long long way in 12 months and no intentions on slowing down.
That radiation scares me but know it's something I should probably consider.
That having two caring and considerate children is a product of good parenting and God's will.
That I sometimes wonder what I would be complaining about right now if I was healthy.
That I'm grateful to Global News for thinking that Canada not having a National Brain Tumour registry is "newsworthy"
That I sit in silence way more then I used to.
That I can't imagine a life without T Jay, I am grateful and thankful for his unconditional love.
That health should not be measured in weight and height but defined in a mental state.
That I'm the luckiest Woman and Mother in the world.
That I'm thankful for the Twitter community of #BrainTumorThursday and #BTSM for their support
That my problems are no different then your problems..
That our society defines you by the work you do, being a brain tumour survivor was not in the "career choices" book at school.  Yet at the moment that is my full time job.

Hi my name is Kelly, I'm a Brain Tumour Survivor and I'm recovering one day at a time.