Meningiomas & Friends

First of all it took me weeks to remember how to pronounce the word meningioma, most likely because my brain was filled with brain tumour overload from appointments.  However, here's the low down on what was/is growing in my head:  (giving credits to The Brain Tomour Foundation of Canada for the factual  information)

A Meningioma is a tumour that grows from the cells in the meninges (the protective layer of tissue around the brain)  They usually grow slowly, are almost always benign and symptoms tends to appear when the tumour gets large enough to press on areas of the brain.

In my situation, I had different symptoms, like head aches, pains in my head, a balance issue and finally trigeminal neuralgia.  It was the trigeminal neuralgia (a very painful, chronic condition, which causes stabbing pains while eating, brushing my teeth, even talking) that sent me to the doctor for some answers and help.

An MRI confirmed the uninvited guest is my head, bubblegum the round operable blob pressing on my brainstem and honeycomb the inoperable part that looks, well, just like a honeycomb.

There are many symptoms of brain tumours and so many different kinds but some common symptoms that are listed on BTF website are as follows:

Behavioral changes
Cognitive changes
Dizziness and unsteadiness
Double or blurred vision
Frequent headaches
Hearing impairment
Morning nausea and vomiting
Weakness and paralysis

I found this page fascinating and encourage you to read it, I was surprised by some of the information, I guess there really are myths about everything, brain tumours included

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